Who stole the 2016 US Presidential Elections? The Big Questions In The Age Of Chutzpah – By Michael Novakhov

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By Michael Novakhov

The Twenty-First Century is emerging as “the age of chutzpah“.

The 9/11 events, still waiting for their definitive investigation and understanding, and their “political equivalent” – the US Presidential Elections of 2016 serve as the illustrations. The other terms are: fascismtotalitarianism, and authoritarianism. Every age must have and name its “chutzpahs”.

Is Mr. Trump mad? Does it matter? There are many safeguards in the system to prevent the short circuiting due to individual insanity on the highest levels, and the additional measures at improvement are on the way.

Chutzpah is not insanity, “chutzpah is chutzpah”.

At the center of this spider web, which is the world mafioso Chutzpahnismo“The Tarantula” sits.

This picture was so astutely and allegorically observed by some of our most truth-seeking lawmakers. The tarantula’s name is “Puti-Put”, or more exactly, precisely, and politically correctly, “Putinism”. Putin’s Russia is a Mafia State in form, structure, ways, and methods, including her relations with the other states. The modern Russia is the ultimate triumph of the criminal will and mentality, she loves to throw her weight around too and sees herself as the reinforcer and the overseer in her neighborhood. A lot of criminal chutzpah.

With the steady trickle of the news reports on Trump investigation, it becomes increasingly clear: Russia’s hostile efforts at the political interference in the West are the long-term, carefully planned and coordinated. It takes a lot of chutzpah (and a lot of advanced preparations) to do so brazenly whatever they were and still are doing.

Not all the facts of these Russian interventions are known publicly yet. 

The big picture still is not complete. Inevitably, the next set of questions arises: what other foreign entities attempted to interfere and influence the US Elections, how, and what was the impact of these attempts? The long-term assessments, prognosis, plans, and work are needed in this direction. And, since these efforts at electoral interference are nearly universal, at least on the part of the big international players, the further questions arise: should these efforts be somehow regulated and restrained, or to be left to the province of the “free for all” Intelligence Services’ competition?

The punishment should fit the crime.

Can you neutralize the spider web if you do not get “The Tarantula” out of its center?

It takes a lot of chutzpah to assume that you, whatever and whoever you are, can attempt to install the President of the US as your puppet or a client and can get away from this brazenness unscathed.

“Because this Putinist onslaught has demonstrated a capacity to erode our institutions and those of other democratic countries, it deserves a prominent place in our thinking about global security. We are sleepwalking if we do not recognize this danger”, proclaimed a group of Congresspersons recently.

“The primordial interest of the United States for centuries (WWI, WWII and the Cold War) has been to stop a coalition between Germany and Russia, because united they are the only force that could threaten us”, observed George Friedman, and this observation, it seems to me, retains its validity and the strategic thrust more than ever. So far, “Divide et Impera“, this “common rule of politics”, seems to be quite skillfully and successfully employed by Germany and Russia against the US, rather than the other way around. The same dynamics are evident in US – Russia – China triangular relations.

This is doubly regrettable because, for Russia, it is the trans-Atlantic rather than the Continental orientation that seems to be the most viable and promising option and alternative, only if obscured by the subjectively colored, short-term goals and the shortsightedness of the current policies of Putinism.

“How very sad”, as Mr. Trump would say.

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The Big Questions In The Age Of Chutzpah: The Foreign Interference In The Elections Of 2016

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