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DSEI Japan 2023: Sea Breaker reaches final development stage


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<p class=”text-body text-muted small”>The Sea Breaker long-range anti-ship missile. (Rafael Advanced Defense Systems)</p>
<p>Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ Sea Breaker – a long-range autonomous anti-ship missile – has reached its final stage of development, the Israeli company told<em> Janes</em> at the DSEI Japan 2023 exhibition in Chiba.</p>
<p>The company did not disclose additional details about the missile’s development. However,<em> Janes </em>assesses that manufacturing of the Sea Breaker could commence by the end of 2023, with test-firings from integrated platforms likely to start in early 2024.</p>
<p>According to Rafael, the Sea Breaker is a precision-guided missile used for anti-ship and land-attack operations. It can be launched from naval platforms and shore-based launchers. The all-weather, day and night missile is capable of sea-skimming and terrain-following at a low-level flight above the ground.</p>
<p>The company said the Sea Breaker is equipped with a two-way datalink incorporating human-in-the-loop decision making and tactical updates, a mid-flight abort function, and battle damage assessment (BDA) capability.</p>
<p>The missile has an aerodynamic frame with an integrated rear air intake below the missile body. It has a cruciform tail assembly and backward-stowed deployable wing assembly in the mid-section. It is canister-launched with a booster and is powered by a turbojet engine resulting in high subsonic speeds.</p>
<p>The Sea Breaker is less than 4 m in length, 350 mm in diameter, and has a launch weight of less than 400 kg. The missile is fitted with a 107 kg penetration, blast, and fragmentation warhead. The missile has been designed for launch from frigates, corvettes, fast-attack crafts, and land platforms.</p>