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Allen, Dallas shooting refers to Allen Dulles

Allen Premium Outlets shooting in Dallas, by the neo-Nazi security guard armed with AR-15, may refer to the CIA Director Allen Dulles, his various connections with Abwehr and Canaris, and his role in transplanting the German Nazi officers en masse (e.g.”Operation Paperclip”), and to a certain extent their philosophy, ideology and political practices to America.
It would be a questionable claim in a complex situation.

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This mass shooting (just like many others?) may also be Putin’s personal response to the claim that he is the STASI, and by extension, the New Abwehr Super-agent, in accordance with his (“hit them back”) logic: “It is not me, it’s him; it is not us, it’s them!”
What are you (primarily FBI) going to do about this? 
This madness will not stop. 

Michael Novakhov, blogger (Google, Bing