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#FBI = #KGB – FBI = KGB! And that’s the fact. The FBI is the collective YOU: willfully blind + sociopaths + well masked criminals. Investigate the Investigators!

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Does this particular case reflect the mentality and psychology of the FBI? Do they run their services as the PROTECTION RACKET for America on a State scale? 

Is this just a tip of the invisible iceberg?! FBI runs protection rackets! Feds Claim Former FBI Agent, Accomplice Defrauded Woman Out of More Than $700,000 | News And Comments: INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS!!! | “It is time to hold the FBI accountable for its crimes” – By Steve Downs – 19 Dec 2021 


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Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova) on the FBI:

Dismantle the Inept, Incompetent, Brainless, Psychopathic, Criminal, One Hundred Eyes And Blind, Panoptes like, THE FBI-KGB MONSTER!

They are the main source of the problems, pervasive stupidity and the deeply rooted evil in America! 

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Is this just a tip of the invisible iceberg?! FBI runs protection rackets!

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